2 Zodiac Signs That Are Basically The 'Universe's Favorites'

Each zodiac sign has unique features that make them lucky and special.     

Those with benefic signs (Jupiter- or Venus-ruled signs) in their big three or are dominant in these signs may be considered lucky or blessed, or as astrology Joshua Pingley calls them, the universe's favourite, because they can boost confidence and luck.    

Pingley calls Sagittarius and Pisces "the favourites" of the zodiac for "their planetary dignity."   

According to the basic dignities theory of astrology, "Every planet has zodiac signs that it's strong in and signs that it's weak in," Pingley said.     

Sagittarius and Pisces are favourites because Jupiter, the bigger benefic, gives them dignity, and Mercury, the lone neutral planet, gives them frailty. Venus gives Pisces respect, making it the favourite."    

To top it all off, neither Sagittarius nor Pisces are associated with any planets that are considered malefic.    


"The universe's favourite" Pisces is a magician and seer who has mastered all 12 zodiac lessons. Because of this, Pisces is the most well-informed sign, always ready for everything, and has the kindest soul.   


The fire sign of Sagittarius is fearless and innovative. They embody Jupiter's principles, which include a never-ending quest for self-improvement. The sign's meaning is expansion, learning, and connection, which is why it's associated with philosophising, travelling, and adventure.   

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