3 zodiac signs, the week of July 8 brings significant changes in their relationships.

The astrological energy of the week commencing July 8, 2024 causes substantial alterations in the associations of three zodiac signs.  

Being aware of this energy and how to manage it can assist to reduce conflict.  

Venus will move into Leo on Thursday, July 11. While it strengthens your ambitions and gives you a sense of assertiveness, it may also make you more prone to conflicts.   

This will be especially evident on Friday, July 12, when Venus confronts retrograde Pluto in Aquarius. You may not be able to tell if you are acting on current triggers or an old wound.   

While you should listen to your inner voice, Aquarius, keep in mind that not all of your emotions are triggered by current events.   


While acknowledging your inner truth is crucial, Leo, you must also recognize that you can't make everything about yourself, especially in a partnership.  


Change is excellent, Capricorn, but it appears you will need to remember that throughout the week of July 8. Because of your celestial nature, you are less likely than an air sign to embrace change.   


Try to ground yourself in reality by compiling a list of your desires or ambitions. Then, make another list of what your partner has stated a desire.

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