4 Shade-Loving Annuals To Plant

That is not to say that your garden dreams are unattainable. You just need to know which varieties to plant.  

The good news is that shade-loving annuals fulfill this requirement perfectly.  

One approach to planting this type of flower is to create a color scheme and then maintain the green once the blooms have died off. "You can plan a full sweep of glorious color plans, sometimes bleeding into one another,"  

“I love how they grow in window boxes, how they trail and add so much color to a garden.” 

So, if you have a small garden, or you’re trying to grow a garden on a city balcony, you’ll likely have good luck with impatiens.  

Planted in a shaded area near your vegetable garden, it not only enhances the garden's visual appeal but also promotes pollination of your vegetables.” 

Just keep in mind that these flowers require a little bit of maintenance. “Regular deadheading, combined with a balanced fertilizer application 

O’Brien tells me rex begonias are a must-grow with their stunning variety of leaf colors, patterns, and textures. “From vibrant shades of silver, 

“Fertilize them lightly with a balanced liquid fertilizer every four to six weeks during the growing season to support their foliage development and overall health.” 

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