5 Chinese Zodiac Signs, Relationships Get Better From July 8 to July 14.

You will find love between July 8 and 14, 2024, in the arms of time and wisdom. Of course, five Chinese zodiac signs—Rat, Horse, Ox, Tiger, and Pig—will gain the most from this message. 

However, the remaining indications are also encouraged to follow the road of radical love.  

The I Ching hexagram for love this week is Thunder over Mountain (#62). It encourages us not to become overwhelmed by the big picture of love.  

Rat, your love luck is especially good this week! If you are single, you will find your luck once you decide to quit looking for love. This seems paradoxical, but trust the process.   


Horse, your luck in love this week is all about taking the initiative but still understanding your limits. If you are single, you are encouraged to explore your creative side  


Ox, your luck in love this week is saucy. If you are single, you are encouraged to be yourself and not "take yourself down a notch" because your natural brilliance stimulates someone else's fears.   


Tiger, your luck in love this week is poetry. If you are single, embrace your creative side and release your inner brilliance. It may appear unusual to certain people  


Pig, your luck in love this week depends on making the proper decisions when life throws them at you. If you're single, don't settle for someone who doesn't inspire you or bring out your enthusiasm.   


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