8 Best Ways to Lose Weight—and Keep It Off

Set a clear goal. 

A clear aim is one that is measurable and understandable to anybody in the world. Write out your goal and post it somewhere to remember yourself when you want to give up. 

Drink the right fluids. 

First, everyone should drink plenty of water; your body requires it to function properly. And doing so has an added benefit for folks who want to lose weight. Water suppresses our hunger, increases our metabolism, provides energy, and makes exercise easier and more efficient.

Ease up on the processed food. 

If you can't identify half of the ingredients on a food label, it's likely that it's been highly processed.

Eat more produce.

Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories, making them filling. If you have problems incorporating veggies into your diet, begin each meal with a salad.

Lift weights.

Create an exercise routine that involves heavy weights. Maintaining muscle mass requires more energy than maintaining fat, so our bodies use more calories at rest.

Do intervals.

Study after study has shown that intervals are more effective and time efficient than lengthier activities performed at a lower intensity.

Do full-body exercises.

Whether you're trying to lose weight or not, your exercise routine should not be limited to one area of your body. Instead, add full-body movements. 

Track your food.

There's no better way to figure out what you're putting into your mouth than to write it all down. Tracking foods will help you recognize how much you consume each day. It puts everything into perspective.

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