A fantastic new action game that blends Assassin's Creed and John Wick 

The locations of Assassin's Creed and John Wick would make an excellent video game and cinematic combo.  

Finally, both offer a wealth of personality, savagery, and unrelenting assassins.

Though the worlds of John Wick and Assassin's Creed will not be collaborating anytime soon, we may have the closest thing instead.  

The game in question, SPINE, was developed independently by Nekki and is marketed as a "Gun Fu" title. It runs on Unreal Engine 5.  

"Ever wondered what it would be like to be the lead in an action film? Being in the midst of the action and kicking  

The image shows Reynolds unmasked and in makeup as Deadpool's alter ego Wade Wilson, with the Merc with a Bark licking his face, much to the actor's apparent disgust.  

"Looks like an avocado. "Tastes like dog shit," the pup captioned the photo.    

It continues: "The game tells the story of a cyberpunk metropolis in the near future. Have you heard about how Tensor AI transformed this city into a true heaven on Earth?    

Join the conflicts on the city streets and take part in the global conflict between powerful groups while seeking personal vengeance against the system.   

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