Black Folks Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Mmmm! A Black family's sweet potato pie tastes like warm memories, pleasant moments, and the best holiday traditions passed down from generation to generation.   

Perhaps Stephanie Mills or Diana Ross in The Wiz sing "Home" with cinnamon sugar. Or how sweet potato pie and its flaky crust bring back childhood memories. Regardless, grab a piece before it's gone! 

This traditional Black Southern dish may have evoked generations of nostalgia, especially in Black communities. This sweet potato pie recipe is great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. 

Black folks sweet potato pie recipe ingredients 

Jewel (ideal for baking) or Beauregard (sweeter) sweet potatoes provide a smooth, velvety pie filling with natural sweetness. 

Evaporated milk makes the pie velvety smooth. 

Light brown sugar adds caramel-like sweetness. Eggs—The pie filling's binding agent. Butter compliments natural sweet potatoes with rich flavor. Vanilla extract adds warmth and comfort. Ginger adds warmth and spice.

Nutmeg balances the pie's sweetness with warmth, nuttiness, and earthiness.   Earthy cinnamon adds warmth and heat.   Clove adds heartfelt spice to the pie. Salt—A needed counterpoint to sweet spices. Pie crust - A simple, delightful, flaky, buttery crust turns this sweet potato soufflé into a pie.  

How do you make a Black folks' Southern sweet potato pie?

Grease the pie pan to prevent crust sticking during baking. Roast or pressure-cook sweet potatoes. The fastest and best way to peel sweet potatoes is using Instant Pot pressure cooking.

Cool sweet potatoes before peeling. Harvest the potato flesh and discard the skin. For the pie filling, mix the potato flesh, spices, and ingredients using an electric mixer or blender at high speed.

Pour contents into unbaked pie crust. Bake pie. Let the pie cool 2-4 hours before slicing or garnishing. Serve hot and enjoy! Sweet potato pie is great room-temperature or reheated.

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