Captain America 4 is probably going to end up like The Marvels. 

Marvel Studios' Captain America 4: Brave New World isn't doing so well. It appears that they are experiencing the same troubles.  

The Marvels are encouraging viewers to return to the movies, which is comparable to the issues the MCU has been facing recently.  

Despite bad feedback during test screenings, numerous reshoots, and a delayed release, the cast, lead by Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford, keeps things interesting.   

However, the MCU's expert handling of these issues has piqued the interest of both reviewers and fans, marking a watershed moment in the superhero genre.  

While people are still discussing the Marvels, all eyes are on the MCU's future actions.  

This will have a significant impact on Captain America 4's future release.  

In a YouTube video posted by ComicBookCast2, the cast of Captain America 4 discusses the film's uncertain future, similar to The Marvels.  

A surprising 11-month delay, low test scores, and extensive reshoots have raised concerns about Marvel Studios' ability to address the issues.  

Some individuals doubt the reports that the test audience disliked the film and question whether the input is genuine.   

People are unsure what will happen with Captain America because the video resembles prior movies that had significant alterations.  

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