Coconut Milk Chia Pudding

We appreciate you asking. Here's our interpretation of what makes this recipe for coconut milk chia pudding so unique. 

Everyone enjoys dessert, and this coconut milk chia pudding will satisfy your sweet craving to the fullest.    

It's quite simple to prepare. Just mix, put away, and serve!     

This pudding is easy to take on the road, stored in a mason jar.  iced strawberries  

The many nutritious advantages of this delicious dessert meal are the "cherry on top."    

Only the best ingredients will do for a delicious pudding dish.    

The pudding's noticeable and creamy coconut flavor comes from the easy blending of Rude Health's organic coconut milk with the highly healthy and omega-rich white and black chia seeds from Riso Vignola.     

We've also utilized Belberry honey acacia, which is clear and pure honey made from acacia tree blooms, and Les vergers Boiron's delectable 100% sugar-free raspberry and mango purees.     

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