Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

We sold our home yesterday. In case you haven't heard, Jack and I are relocating (!?), and I've been having a lot of mixed feelings about it lately.

We left Austin a few weeks ago and are spending the summer in Chicago (staying with my folks - how luxurious!) until we find a new place to live.

We're looking forward to our new adventure, although it's always difficult to leave behind homes and friends (and kitchens! aahh, what am I doing!). 

Don't worry, the blog isn't going anywhere; I've got loads of new recipes and other unique initiatives in the works. I've been cooking up a storm in my mother's kitchen, which is especially useful because she cleans up after me:). Hello, my name is Jeanine, and I'm 38 going on twelve.

So, it's time for cake! I'm not sure if it's celebration or melancholy cake, but either way, it's cake! I'm not generally a dessert person, but occasionally I just need some "it's-all-going-to-be-ok" chocolate cake.

This dish is from Karen Mordechai's new book Simple Fare: Spring/Summer, of which I've been a fan for many years. Karen describes the cake as "a balance of sweet and savory."

I have to say, this one is for all of you dark chocolate fans out there. It's not excessively sweet, but it's really chocolate-y. The olive oil adds a deep flavor, but the cake is surprisingly light. 

She tops it with cardamom whipped cream (recipe below), but I used whipped coconut cream that I had on hand instead.

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