Does oatmeal help you lose weight?

A woman mixes half a cup of rolled oats with a cup of water and half a lime on TikTok. She smiles and nervously drinks. She says, “That,” with color, “is nasty.”  

The drink is meant to aid weight loss, not flavor.  

According to social media influencers, drinking it daily can help you lose 40 pounds in two months.   

“Oatzempic,” as it's known, is a reference to the diabetes treatment Ozempic, which has become popular for its weight-loss properties.  

According to University of Pennsylvania nutrition science assistant professor Colleen Tewksbury, it rides “on the coattails” of these medications.  

Oats are nutritious, but Emily Haller, a lifestyle medicine dietician at Trinity Health Ann Arbor in Michigan, said “there is nothing magical” about them for weight loss.  

Soluble fiber, especially beta-glucan, in oats lowers cholesterol and blood sugar rises after meals, Ms. Haller noted.  

She also noted that eating enough fiber, which most Americans don't, can lower your risk of heart disease and certain malignancies and promote a healthy gut and bowel habits.  

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