Every Chinese Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For July 8 - 14, 2024


Rat, your energy this week is delicate. Lean into nature by walking through a field of daffodils (if possible) or hugging a tree. When you do this, you will learn cosmic mysteries.


Ox, your energy this week is all about thinking ahead, whatever that means to you. Traditions were once fresh concepts. Don't hold onto cultural phenomena that harm others.  


Tiger, your heart is huge. But your intelligence is far greater. Don't doubt yourself and limit your opportunities. You were born to be big, in whatever capacity you choose.  


Rabbit, your energy this week is a combination of sweet and sour. And no, this isn't about food! (Or does it?  


Dragon, you were created to be great, but that knowledge might leave you feeling weighted and cornered. You are encouraged to anchor yourself  


Snake, your intuition is being emphasized this week. Do not be astonished if anything supernatural occurs to you or if your intuitive abilities reveal an important truth to you.  


Horse, your vibe this week is introverted yet attentive. Lean into it, and you'll learn more about yourself and the world than you did before.  


Goat, this week's energy feels familiar to you. If you're on vacation, don't be shocked if you seek meals and surroundings that allow you to explore the more rustic and laid-back  


Monkey, don't let anyone say you don't live up to your promises. The development may be gradual, but if you adhere to the plan, you will surprise everyone in the end.  


Rooster, the energy this week is wonderful for you. Lean into rest, relaxation, and self-care, and watch as something lovely emerges.  


This week, dog, you may expect to eat a lot of tasty food. Are you visiting your grandparents? It does not matter. You will receive good meals unexpectedly.  


Pig, you're in for a real treat this week. Keep an open mind and heart, and you will find pearls of knowledge in the most unexpected places. Only, it will not be unlikely!  

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