Expert Reveals Secret Coffee Trick for Flat Belly

Coffee secrets are few. You've heard it's a natural diuretic, best drunk black, and America's fuel.  

Despite widespread knowledge, there are still some surprises about everyone's favorite mid-morning activity.   

As summer approaches, how to hack your coffee for a flat tummy may be most relevant.  

Coffee alone can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight and get a smaller stomach. Caffeine speeds up your body while stimulating your brain.   

That could drop your scale score if you're drinking black coffee.  

Nutritionist and Candida Diet author Lisa Richards advised, "some coffee beverages can add calories and fat to our diet without our notice.  

" She says that starting with black coffee is best because sweet, flavored coffee is hard to quit.  

How can one make a plain black cup of coffee more helpful for a flat stomach? Richards revealed the answer, which may surprise you: cinnamon.  

"Cinnamon boosts thermogenesis in the body," she said, "Which in turn results in more calories burned."  

An easy, all-natural component, cinnamon in coffee is an organic alternative to thermogenesis pills, Metabolic found. Sprinkle cinnamon into your coffee to lose weight without drugs.  

Since cinnamon is a medical powerhouse for more than flat tummies, adding a tablespoon to your coffee may have other benefits. In early studies, the spice showed promise for blood sugar control, and its antioxidant effects are being studied for dementia, HIV, and cancer.  

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