Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Made with all-purpose gluten-free flour and quick yeast, these gluten-free cinnamon rolls are sweet and soft. These gluten-free cinnamon buns will add a touch of magic to weekend mornings!  

Why these are the best gluten free cinnamon buns you'll ever try

Enjoy the delicious icing on top of these gluten-free cinnamon rolls—tender and fluffy inside and out. Without icing, cinnamon buns are just cinnamon rolls.  

The uncooked gf cinnamon bun dough and buns can be made ahead of time because they reheat well. Bake them halfway, freeze, and finish baking, or bake them altogether and freeze unglazed.  

Sprinkle with water before reheating baked products, especially yeast bread, to add moisture. As good as new!  

Parbaking gluten free cinnamon roll

Bia's cinnamon buns included cardamom and cinnamon. She made them in round disposable tins.  

She parbaked them halfway at 300°F till puffy and pale gold. After cooling, we put them in the deep freezer. These are ideal for a gluten-free breakfast spread.  

After defrosting at room temperature, we baked them till piping hot. Bia's buns were gluten-laden.  

Adapted from an early gluten-free pretzel roll recipe on this site, these rolls resemble those from long ago.  

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