Grant Hill explains why Team USA tabbed Derrick White over Jaylen

Las Vegas— After Boston Celtics player Jaylen Brown appeared frustrated with being ignored for an available Team USA roster position, managing director Grant Hill tried to explain Wednesday why Derrick White was the best candidate to replace an injured Kawhi Leonard.  

Hill also denied that Team USA sponsor Nike, which Brown has criticised, influenced the decision.  

“Well, for a good portion of my career, I wore FILA—that was supposed to be a joke,” Hill said. He subsequently added, “Whatever theories that might be out there, they're just that.”  

He described the replacement procedure days before Team USA leaves for the 2024 Paris Olympics.  

“You must build a team,” Hill remarked. “Leaving people off the roster that I like and look forward to watching throughout the season and playoffs is hard. Finals MVPs, programme participants, gold medalists. I respect, admire, and watch these guys.  

“But my responsibility is to put together a complementary team.” Hill praised White's fit.  

“One of the many things I love about Derrick, and especially with this team, is I don't feel like his role changes much with our team from the Celtics,” Hill said. “He plays with two great young players, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.  

“When you come in, you're the centre of your universe, and now you have to establish a role that may be different from your team's. So having someone who can come in and play off players, compliment others, stand out, be a dynamite defensive player, and knock down shots -- just effect winning.”  

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