Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Preparing fruits and vegetables ahead of time will make mixing these healthy breakfast smoothies easier on busy mornings.  


Freeze into each container: – ½ banana Strawberry Goji: – big handful of strawberries, sliced – ¼ cup dried goji berrie

Peach: – 1 peach, sliced – handful of raspberrie – ½ tablespoon almond butter

Mango Maca: – slices from ½ of a large mango – 1 peach, sliced – 1 teaspoon maca powder

Spinach & Mango – slices from ½ of a large mango – handful of fresh spinach – 1-2 teaspoons matcha

Cherry Blueberry Cacao: – ⅓ cup tart cherrie – ⅓ cup blueberrie – ½ - 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder

Blend each smoothie with: – ½ - ¾ cup Almond Breeze Almondmilk Original – a few pieces of ice


Place ½ banana in each freezer container (or freezer-safe baggie). Add fruits and veggies, then freeze your containers until you're ready to combine them.  

Blend each smoothie with ice and ½ to ¾ cup almond milk (enough to move the blade). Finally, blend in the "extras" (goji berries, almond butter, maca, matcha, cacao).  


I use a Vitamix; if your blender isn't as powerful, allow your frozen smoothie components to thaw at room temperature for a few minutes.  

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