Here’s Why Taylor Swift Fans Think ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ Is Being Teased in ‘I Can See You’ Video

Now let the speculation begin! Fans of pop singer Taylor Swift believe that

They wanted to be at the front of the queue since they had heard Taylor Swift might visit Buenos Aires.Ms. Swift was on her way.  

However, it would take some time. The reports were accurate. It would be more than five months before her concert.     

Nonetheless, the tent persisted, occupied by a rotating cast of thirty loyal Swifties who collaborated.    

for 163 days to guarantee their positions in queue for an opportunity to approach their hero as closely as possible.    

She hit the stage on Thursday for the first stop on her Eras Tour outside of North America.Ms. Romeo is 23.   

She resigned from her employment as a cashier to dedicate more time to standing in queue,     

"We have been waiting for this for many years." She showed up unexpectedly.     

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