How LeBron James became a TikTok meme ‘You Are My Sunshine’?

LeBron James has transcended the basketball court to become a social media sensation.    

The NBA legend went famous on TikTok in recent weeks, despite his long career.   

His odd pattern with the song ‘You Are My Sunshine’ is attracting notice, not his basketball skills.   

The You Are My Sunshine meme went widespread on TikTok in early 2024. Users make videos of the song playing over LeBron James footage.   

Who is driving this odd trend and what's its meaning?   

The meme mocks LeBron-loving clout kings. James' diehard supporters have followed him throughout his career.    

He is always protected by his soldiers. This large fan base was already there, but TikTok added a new layer to their affection.   

Satire-wise, people are awestruck that James is their idol, highlighting his ultimate followers. My goal is to sadistically overlay the heart vector-like song You Are My Sunshine while we work toward independence.   

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