Indianapolis Colts schedule: Only one prime-time game in 2024

The only prime-time game on the 2024 schedule for the Indianapolis Colts is a Week 11 road contest against the New York Jets on Sunday Night football.  

This contest ought to present the Colts with a formidable midseason challenge.   

Upon the instantaneous return of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the New England Jets transform into a team capable of making the playoffs and aspires to be among the elite in the AFC.  

In addition to Rodgers, the Jets offense features wide receiver Garrett Wilson, who can put pressure on any secondary.   

Defensively, the Jets ranked tenth in football in terms of units per game allowed and second in terms of yards per game during the previous season.  

As previously stated, the Colts have one prime-time contest remaining for the entire season.  

In fact, fifteen of their seventeen games during the regular season commence at 1:00 PM ET. The sole other non-1:00 kickoff occurs against Denver in Week 15, commencing at 4:25 PM ET.  

This matchup with the Jets occurs precisely when the Colts appear to be entering what, on paper, should be their most difficult three-game stretch of the season.   

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