Inside Yellowstone's Backstage From Kevin Costner's Exit to Legal Battles

Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan's neo-Western, is dramatic on and off screen. Yellowstone follows the Duttons,   

a multigenerational ranching family in rural Montana who fight land developers, Native American reservations,   

and their own blood to preserve their way of life. Since 2018, Paramount Network's show has won critical acclaim and passionate fans. Behind the scenes, drama has been just as intense.  

Conflicts, lawsuits, and dramatic exits have altered the show's future. Kevin Costner,  

who plays Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton, was rumoured to leave the show in February 2023 to focus on Horizon: An American Saga, a multi-part Western.  

Deadline said Sheridan's divided attention and short filming schedule were "a source of frustration".  

The network stated that the second half of season 5 will be the show's final episode after the two parties couldn't agree. Two spinoffs will follow its November 2024 launch.  

Cast members compete with Sheridan, including Costner. Bosque Ranch, Sheridan's coffee firm, sued Free Rein, Cole Hauser's coffee company, for intellectual property infringement, unfair competition, and false advertising on Nov. 21.  

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