Ja Morant reportedly subpoenaed to testify in civil lawsuit over alleged assault of teenager

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies' standout, faces legal issues in addition to his basketball return.   

ESPN's Baxter Holmes reported Friday that the 24-year-old was summoned to a Memphis immunity hearing for a civil lawsuit.  

Joshua Holloway, who claims Morant struck him 12 or 13 times during a casual basketball game at his home in July 2022, is suing him.  

Holloway was seventeen. He claimed that Morant and a companion struck him so hard that a "large knot" formed on his head, after which Morant went home and returned with a handgun.   

Morant's lawyers are expected to urge that the lawsuit be dismissed, claiming that Morant was defending himself after Holloway hit him in the chin with a basketball during the hearing, which is scheduled for December 11-13.   

Holmes said that Holloway's lawyers attempted to dismiss his complaint under Tennessee's "stand your ground" law.   

If this month's dismissal fails, the trial might start in April 2024. Morant's first case testimony is upcoming. In April, he filed a countersuit, saying that the kid slandered and assaulted Morant.   

Morant's agent believes Holloway jeopardised his NBA career during the altercation. Morant was very concerned when Holloway made his claims.   

In addition to the pickup game incident, Morant was involved in a verbal altercation in a shoe store and a postgame melee between his friends and the Indiana Pacers crew.   

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