Jelly Roll can't perform abroad due to felonies.  

Jason DeFord, the country singer, told Jon Bon Jovi for Interview magazine that he's “so excited” to travel abroad, but his team needs to complete the “final pieces of some legal puzzles for me to get overseas.” 

DeFord has admitted to aggravated robbery, including stealing weed with a gun at 16 

Although the timetable is unclear, the 39-year-old was optimistic that his live performances would one day be performed internationally.  

Bon Jovi then criticised the “archaic rules” that stopped DeFord from travelling. However, the musician seemed glad for the chance. 

FYI, I'm a kid from Antioch, Tennessee, whose dad didn't leave East until he was 50," DeFord added. 

Last year, DeFord told The Times about his teenage and young adult years in Antioch, a Nashville suburb. He spent a lot of time in prison for robbery and drugs. 

Despite not being a “political guy” because he can’t vote owing to his felonies, DeFord said he had a “personal thing with the government.” 

"I don't understand what they do to people like me," he added, "especially after they are rehabilitated and become tax-paying citizens. 

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