Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant Made A Rare Red Carpet Appearance, But What Is Their Home Life Like?

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra furnish had kept a quiet profile throughout their relationship, dating for two years before appearing on a red carpet in 2019.   

He or she appeared on a couple red carpets with Reeves during John Wick-chapter four filming in Berlin, even once before q4.    

grant and Reeves attended the 2023 LACMA art+film Gala. Gucci sponsored the occasion, and Reeves wore Gucci in well-staged photos.    

at the famous LA museum. They were all good, but a good art backdrop helps.   Other celebrities like JLo and Ben Affleck went.   

LACMA event, but Reeves and provide's rare visit is truly first-rate because we rarely see them or their time together.   

Since they met in 2009 and started dating years later, there are some rules around their relationship.   

The couple has many home-related hobbies in common. This includes art appreciation and studying.    

Keanu and Alexandra work well together. She enjoys preparing him meals and they both like films and reading. Two of them read each other's favourites in a virtual e-book club.   

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