Kevin Costner Unboxes Golden Globe in Bed After Flooding Missed Ceremony

Although the experience "wasn't the same," being with his family made it more special.  

"We watched the whole doggone thing and my kids heard our name be called, and we weren't at one of the greatest parties in the world," he said. "We wanted to be, but we became a family. My kids got up and cheered when my name was shouted."  

The 2023 Golden Globes were Costner's third career triumph. Monday's video showed him unboxing the prize and explaining its meaning.  

"When you first come to Hollywood you just wanted to get your first job and you see these things and even wonder if you're ever gonna get in a room like that," said.  

"It feels really good to have this, there's no substitute for being there."  

The Yellowstone actor said he wanted to capture the trophy unwrapping for his fans.  

I'm grateful for my supporters and the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognising my work this year. I'm delighted I found films.  

That mattered "he concluded. "I don't know what would have occurred without the movies. Thanks everyone."  

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