Luke Grimes unveils 'Yellowstone' on Instagram 

Luke Grimes, a 39-year-old country singer and a former Yellowstone actor.

There is some excellent professional news. Although there is currently no firm release date for his first album.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating its arrival. Fortunately, the actor who portrays Kayce Dutton has a number of songs.

Prior to his significant musical debut, he recorded hits such as "No Horse to Ride," "Hold On," and "Oh Ohio."  

Grimes recently unveiled a new version of his song "Hold On," working in duet.  

With Northern Irish co-writer Foy Vance.Grimes said in a news statement.

"'Hold On' has grown into one of my favourite tracks on the (upcoming) album."   

Although Foy Vance and I couldn't meet in person, I knew I wanted him to be a part  

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