Mango Waffles


– 1 1/4 cup All purpose flour – 1/2 cup White Whole wheat flour – 3 Tbs Ground Flax Meal – 1 Tbs Baking Powder – 1/8 tsp Salt

– 1 2/3 cup Milk (I suggest Coconut) – 2 tbsp Sugar, Brown Sugar or honey – 3 tbsp Vegetable oil – 2 Large Egg – 2 Champagne Mangoes (or one regular one)


– Wash, peel and chop up both Mangoes (set one aside for garnish).

– In a large bowl add the flours (you can use only All Purpose if you like), flax meal, baking powder and salt and whisk.

– In another bowl add milk, sugar (or honey) and oil. Lightly beat egg separately then add to milk and combine.

– Pour wet ingredients into dry and mix until incorporated. Add the mango and gently stir in – do not over mix.

– Follow directions on your waffle maker. Use the rest of the diced mango to top your waffle

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