Nathan's Hot Dog Contest Allegedly Cheated

Nathan's Hot Dog Contest, held every Fourth of July, has been embroiled in another controversy.  

The 2024 eating contest was different because 16-time winner Joey Chestnut was barred owing to his Impossible Foods deal. The report shocked Americans since Chestnut eats hot dogs on Independence Day.  

Fans were lucky that the 40-year-old ate 57 hot dogs in five minutes at Pop Goes the Fort July 4th Celebration. While the Joey Chestnut scandal appears to be settled, Nathan's Hot Dog Contest is back in trouble for cheating.

Women's division champion Miki Sudo's spouse Nick Wehry is under fire. Two sources said he utilised sleight of hand to increase his hot dog count and join the top contestants in the July Fourth hot dog eating contest.

Nick Wehry finished fourth at Coney Island after eating 46.75 hot dogs. The crowd cheered in The Post and ESPN footage.

Here comes the juicy part. The official Major League Eating (MLE) results website eventually raised that 46.75 figure to 51.75, purportedly crediting Wehry for five extra hot dogs he never received.

The contestants' plates start with five hot dogs, therefore every empty plate equals five hot dogs eaten. Judges score using these stacks. Unfinished “debris” on the top plate, such as bun pieces or beef chunks, may be deducted by the judges.

The Post sources said Wehry "stole plates" from another competitor's stack and put them to his place setting, boosting his score to over 50 hot dogs. Wehry's score was allegedly raised after the contest because he requested a recount after the judge was done.

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