Only a genius can spot the hidden diamond ring in this optical illusion. 

Users must find the hidden diamond ring in the photo before anyone else in this optical illusion exam. To date, the fastest was 31 seconds. Search for the diamond ring beforehand.    

A diamond ring search on the internet is unmanageable due to optical illusions. Image following shows the optical illusion problem. The ring must be found.   

Several optical illusions show your personality. Some are difficult, like the one below, while others are simple brain teasers.    

The farm photo features sunflowers, wheelbarrows of carrots, and a few bunnies eating the underground ones.    

The blossoms conceal a diamond ring. Can you spot?   

The challenge was posted in Reader's Digest by jeweller William May. Find the diamond ring in the photo in 31 seconds or less.   

The winning record-setting reader took the fewest time.  William generously gave his readers hints.   

Yellow gold solitaire diamond ring. It resembles Meghan Markle's ring (girls will understand). You must discover this ring in sunflowers.  Look again.    

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