Optical Illusion IQ Test: Find All The Hidden Faces In The Image Within 9 Seconds

An optical illusion is a visual representation or image that tricks our minds and causes us to see things that are not what they are. 

A more straightforward explanation of the phenomenon is that it occurs when information transmitted from our eyes to our brains causes us to interpret something that does not correspond to reality. 

This amazing event is made possible by a mechanism known as "filling-in," in which the brain selects specific components of the visual input gained from the eyes to emphasize. 

As a result, depending on the direction in which the focus is focused, differences in the presentation of an image's layers may occur. 

Individuals may also have physiological illusions, which cause them to perceive parts of an image that do not actually exist. 

The appearance of the same picture or pattern in these photographs is due to the presence of optical illusions. 

The activity of engaging with optical illusions is beneficial for mental power because it requires you to look beyond surface perceptions and study issues that are less evident.  

These visual puzzles are a great way to improve your cognitive powers as well as your ability to perceive things clearly. 

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