Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce

In 45 minutes or less, you can make a rich, fragrant pasta sauce with 3 pounds of fresh tomatoes and a few cupboard essentials. Learn how to create roasted tomato sauce from scratch with this simple recipe.   

Making your own roasted tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes is easier than most people believe. This back-pocket dish is ideal for using up an abundance of fresh garden tomatoes or a particularly good farmer's market catch, as tomato sauce freezes beautifully!    

However, unlike No-Cook Tomato Sauce (Sugo Di Pomodoro Crudo) and Caprese Salad, which should be made at the height of summer, the tomatoes in this dish do not have to be picture-perfect.    

Even if you're working with out-of-season tomatoes, the oven will bring out their inherent sweetness.   

Most recipes use sugar to reduce the acidity of the tomatoes, but I prefer carrots. This is the same method I use to prepare Tomato Basil Soup.   

They lend just the right amount of sweetness to the sauce while also providing depth of flavor, making it extremely silky and delectable.   

This roasted tomato sauce recipe is intended as a carefree sunny recipe, with the majority of the ingredients likely already in your kitchen. You will need:    

Tomatoes: Look for ripe, flavorful tomatoes that aren’t overly watery (more tips below). Onion, garlic, and carrots add sweet and savory depth of flavor. 

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