Protein Chia Pudding

Start your day correctly with Protein Chia Pudding, which has 31g of protein. Vanilla or chocolate, it's a delicious and nutritious meal prep breakfast!  


Chia seed. You can use white or black chia seeds; the only difference is the colour. To keep your chia seeds fresh, I recommend storing them in the refrigerator.  

Milk. Any milk of choosing will suffice. For the highest protein content, I recommend dairy or soy milk.  

Honey. For a natural sweetener. You can also use maple syrup or your favorite sugar-free liquid sweetener as a substitute.  

Protein powder. This is my personal favorite protein powder! Depending on your flavour preferences, choose vanilla or chocolate. I've included both flavour options in the recipe card below.  

Greek yogurt. This produces the creamiest chia pudding while also providing additional high-quality protein.  

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