Ranch Chicken Tacos

Ranch chicken tacos are a refreshing variation from Mexican tacos. Leftover rotisserie chicken makes a simple, cool summer meal. Any chicken cooked anyway you like can be used, but authentic tacos require shredding.  

– ½ cup ranch dressing – ¼ cup reduced-fat sour cream – 1 (1 ounce) packet taco seasoning mix, divided – 1 tablespoon mild chunky salsa – 2 cups shredded rotisserie chicken – 8 (6 inch) corn tortilla


– shredded lettuce – 1 tomato, chopped – 4 green onions, sliced – 1 (4 ounce) can sliced black olive – 1 avocado - peeled, pitted and diced (Optional) – 1 cup shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese

Combine ranch dressing, sour cream, 1 teaspoon taco seasoning, and salsa in a small bowl. Cover and refrigerate until serving.


Toss chicken with remaining taco seasoning. Cover bowl loosely with wax paper or plastic wrap. 

Microwave chicken until chicken is heated through, about 2 to 3 minutes. 

Warm tortillas in a skillet for about a minute on each side to make them pliable. 

Place a scoop of chicken on the tortilla and top with lettuce, tomato, green onion, olives, avocado, cheese, and a spoonful of the ranch dressing mixture. 

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