Seared Scallops

Seared Scallops appear classy. They're restaurant-quality but easy to make at home in under 20 minutes.  

Serve them with your favorite seasonal veggie and an alternative starch for a great supper!    

Quick and simple! In under 20 minutes, make an exquisite dinner.   


Outstanding dish. A gorgeous, easy gourmet dish!   

Citrusy dressing. Infuses the dish with zest.   

The "wet" scallops, which have a soapy taste and rubbery feel, are plumped and preserved with a solution before freezing. Untreated dry scallops taste like the sea. Try large, dried sea scallops for optimal flavor and texture.   

   Dry Sea Scallops: 


Butter or both. Contrary to popular perception, a gold crust can be made without butter. I like butter and olive oil.   

Olive oil: 

Salt, fresh black pepper, and optional red pepper flakes: 

Urfa biber or Aleppo chili flakes work well.  


Fresh lime and orange for zesty flavor. You'll use zest and juice.  


For a little kick. Or sub one garlic clove. 

Fresh Herbs: 

Add bright flavor and freshness with flat-leaf parsley or cilantro. Other herbs like basil, thyme, tarragon, and chives are good.  

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