Why did my childhood favorite treats come from the grocery store? Lofthouse frosted sugar cookies are my ideal cookie. Soft and chewy, with a little sweet cookie and extremely sugary icing.  

The bite dissolves in your mouth. These Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies are the perfect copycat—maybe even better than store-bought! Let yourself decide.   


Cookie scoop: 

This recipe yields 12 big cookies. A large cookie dough scoop helps me make even, precisely shaped cookies. Per cookie, 3 teaspoons of dough. With a smaller cookie dough scoop (I use this size), bake for 8-9 minutes to create 20 cookies.  


This Valentine's Day sprinkle mixture is my favorite, but you may use any kind! I love decorating with confetti quins and other sprinkles from my Amazon site.  

Underbaking the cookies: 

Getting the texture correct requires this. My cookies are baked for 10 minutes on the dot, then cooled on the cookie sheet. Let them cool on the hot pan to keep cooking at a reduced temperature and avoid drying out.  

Corn starch: 

Don't skip corn starch in this recipe! Along with baking for the right duration, corn starch makes cookies chewy and soft within.  

This thick, chewy biscuit spreads slightly when baked. One benefit is that the recipe doesn't need chilling. Making the dough and baking it in about 30 minutes yields wonderful cookies!  

Use a flat glass to press the cookies down before baking because they don't spread. They should be 1/4-1/2" thick. After the glass flattens the cookie, they look like this.  

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