Strawberry Banana Bread

This simple Strawberry Banana Bread recipe uses Greek yogurt instead of oil or butter. It's packed with fresh strawberries and simple to prepare and bake!

This Strawberry Banana Bread is a delicious quick bread recipe made with no oil or butter and a moderate amount of sugar.

It's like your favorite delicious, rich banana bread, but with fresh strawberries! I make it with Greek yogurt instead of oil, which gives the strawberry banana bread moisture without adding extra oil.

If you're looking for a unique take on banana bread, this strawberry banana bread is a must-try! It's quick to make, easy to create by hand without a mixer, and makes for a delicious dessert with only about 125 calories per slice!

Easy to Make: This is a simple banana bread that can be transformed into strawberry banana bread with a few tweaks.

A better option for you: Using Greek yogurt instead of butter and oil removes saturated fat from this bread. Greek yogurt has a high protein content as well! 

Basic Ingredients: This recipe calls for simple, everyday ingredients that may be found in your kitchen or any grocery shop. 

Strawberry banana bread is a great sweet breakfast or brunch option, afternoon snack, or dessert. 

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