Super Natural Vegan Sushi

Super Natural Vegan Sushi is a creative and flavorful take on a classic dish 

It packs a satisfying punch with its unique combination of textures and tastes. The original recipe 

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Here's what makes this sushi "Super Natural": 

Coating the Vegetables:

Sweet potato fries:  These crispy and sweet ribbons add a fun textural contrast and a touch of natural sweetness 

ingredient list,  

Seasoned tofu: Marinated tofu provides a savory and protein-rich element. 

Creamy avocado:  Avocado adds a delightful creaminess and healthy fats. 

Crispy kale chips:  These add a delightful salty and crunchy element. 

To cook the perfect sushi rice, you can use a rice cooker or follow a stovetop method. Be sure to use the proper water-to-rice ratio and a splash of vinegar for that authentic sushi taste. 

Marinating the tofu for at least an hour allows it to absorb more flavor. 

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