Sweet Potato BBQ Turkey Meatloaf with Cheddar

All I want to do is spend my days working on material, get some rest at night, and then repeat the process.   

I have also been lacking the desire to go out to dinner, so I have been taking great care to prepare nutritious meals that satisfy Tony, the babe, and myself.  

I can't help but keep returning to this recipe for delicious BBQ turkey meatloaf.  

To be honest, our family has been eating this BBQ turkey meatloaf for a long time. Along with my handmade turkey sloppy joes, this is one of Tony's most requested dishes that I made for the first time back in 2017.  

We adore this recipe so much in part because it's simple, wholesome, and we usually have the ingredients on hand. Probably because I know Tony will beg for it.  

Olive oil: sauté the sweet potato shreds that go immediately into the meatloaf in olive oil. Sweet potato: we're shredding a full sweet potato and adding it to the meatloaf for moisture and nutrition!  

Ingredients in this BBQ turkey meatloaf

Lean ground turkey is the base of this nutritious BBQ meatloaf. You can also use lean ground chicken. Produce: onions and garlic will add flavour to the meatloaf. To bind the meatloaf, use one egg.  

Bread crumbs: I add panko bread crumbs for binding. Gluten-free bread crumbs can keep meatloaf gluten-free. BBQ sauce: incorporate your favourite BBQ sauce into the meatloaf and pour more on top for plenty of flavour.  

I adore Stubb's spicy BBQ sauce! Cumin, cayenne, salt, and fresh cracked black pepper are essential. Cheese: this BBQ meatloaf has melty cheddar cheese and is amazing.  

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