Why LeBron James Won't Shoot More 3-Pointers

After becoming older, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James had to change his game.   

James recognized his jump shot as a weakness before his 21st season in the NBA.  

The four-time winner can still get downhill, but he must stop emphasizing it to stay healthy.  

After the 2023-24 season, James shot a career-high 41% from 3-point range on 5.1 attempts, giving L.A. some much-needed spacing.  

The 3-point shot has been crucial in recent years since almost every player must shoot well. J  

James addressed on his podcast Mind the Game with JJ Redick why he doesn't want to shoot more triples despite his coaches' advice:  

I can say that some of our coaches want me to shoot more 3s. They want me to shoot more 3s. I cannot accomplish it or get there. I can't get there. It's not ego-based. If I shoot 12-14 3s a game, I'm not pressuring the defense enough.   

I think I can hit six or seven of my 12-14 3s a game. Three or four if I'm f***ing off. I can shoot well if I shoot 14 a game and get in a groove. I'm not pressuring the defense, and that's not me.   

If our guys are shooting a lot of 3s, which I love, I have to put pressure on the defense and the rim. I must dread that you won't have me shoot all jump shots, even if I'm good.  

It's amazing that James, 39, can still get to the basket and play physically. L.A. boasts one of the best drivers in the league, and while James' game is improving as he nears retirement, every team needs rim pressure.

While the new NBA age is introducing a lot of youthful talent and emerging stars, the Lakers star is hanging out with the best. As the most viewed NBA player on social media in 2023-24, LeBron James remains popular.  

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