'Yellowstone' Star Lainey Wilson Has Cutest Wrangler Edit

The "Bell Bottom Country" style that Lainey Wilson is known for is now available in a new collection from Wrangler.  

Wilson's signature style is reflected in the edit, which includes sixteen of his favourite pieces and places an emphasis on flared denim.  

The affection that Wilson had for Wrangler jeans when she was a child led to the formation of her engagement with the brand.  

Spring Standouts, Denim Favourites, Kids' Wear, and Fierce Flares are the categories that it is broken down into within the collection.  

Wilson is attempting to bring bell bottoms to a higher level by declaring that she favours them above dresses.  

In addition to wearing them to prominent events such as the American Country Music Awards and the Grammy Awards, she is famous for her bellbottoms.  

This collection is now available on the Wrangler website, providing fans with the opportunity to purchase Wilson's preferred styles.  

There is a suggestion that Wilson and Wrangler will continue to work together in the future, which is indicative of a continuous connection.  

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