Your Grilled Cheese Will Taste Like Heaven With One Simple Swap

A grilled cheese sandwich combines warm, melting cheese with crispy, golden-brown bread.  

Just a quick search of the recipe will provide the best bread for grilled cheese crunchiness and the meltiest cheeses for sandwiches. Despite all the talk about bread and cheese, people often ignore the spread.  

Most people brush their bread with butter before grilling, which is tasty since the creamy butter mixes well with the rich cheese once it's grilled and caramelized.  

Try this small twist: Instead of butter, spread genuine mayo. Mayo is easier to spread than butter and gives a depth of flavor to your sandwich that, if you like tanginess, might make it a permanent addition to your grilled cheese recipe.  

Mayonnaise is made with eggs, oil, vinegar, and spices, occasionally with cayenne pepper or paprika for taste.  

Butter is simpler. This sophisticated blend gives grilled cheese depth and richness that butter cannot.  

The eggs in mayo make your sandwich creamier and more delicious, while the vinegar diminishes the cheese's richness. Many grilled cheese enthusiasts adore this acidic addition since it refreshes the basic taste.   

The higher smoke point of mayo's oil may be its biggest addition to grilled cheese. This reduces the possibility of burning your bread, so you're more likely to have that flawlessly toasted, golden-brown crust without bitter, burnt portions ruining your meal.  

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